Who is naveen andrews dating

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MEDICINE DOCTOR OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE Nicholas Bell; Therese Carney; Lesley Mc Farlane; Susan Ramsay; Nicola Ruth Urquhart; Audrey Jane Walker; Anna Wroblewska.

ARTS MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY ARCHAEOLOGY Margareth Buer; Allan Gavin Rutherford. DECORATIVE ARTS George Armaganidis; Annabel Elizabeth Cassidy; Susannah Kirkland; Elizabeth Andrea Lawrence; Tracy Mauchline.

PHILOSOPHICAL INQUIRY Patricia Anne Ashwell; Claire Cassidy.

PHILOSOPHY Jean Harbison; Hsei-yung Hsu; Thurid Langer; Andre Reibig.

SCOTTISH LITERATURE Helen Lucy Catherine Butter; Neil Peter Gillon; Drofn Gudmundsdottir; David Gemmell Hendrie Hay; Rebecca Winifred Pitman; Hanne Tange.

MEDICINE DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (With Honours) - William Duncan Fraser, DOCTOR OF MEDICINE John Joseph Devlin; Thomas Hardie Williamson.

ARTS DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY ARABIC & ISLAMIC STUDIES Fay Jacqueline Gotting; Hassan Kashoob; Muftah Lataiwish.

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