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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux recently enjoyed a romantic trip to the Bahamas, but they were met with a big rumor regarding Aniston’s alleged pregnancy when they returned to the States.

After taking to the beach for some rest and relaxation, as well as some paddle boarding, Jennifer Aniston was featured in photos that appeared to show off clear signs of a baby bump as the 47-year-old actress enjoyed the sand and sunshine with her husband.“She and Justin are ecstatic.

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But now this surprise pregnancy has turned the worst of times into the best of times.” is sticking by its story, and following the rep’s denial, they shared a second report, claiming doctors had confirmed the news of her rumored pregnancy.

“It looks as though [Jennifer Aniston] could be between two and four months pregnant,” one doctor explained to magazine on June 16, with another adding, “The telltale signs are the isolation of the weight gain in the abdomen and the lack of weight gain in the legs, arms and buttock region.” A third doctor claimed Jennifer Aniston appeared to be in her first trimester of the alleged pregnancy.

“This doesn’t look like someone that ate a big lunch, the stomach just doesn’t bloat like that.

This looks like classic third month of pregnancy,” the doctor noted.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux arrived in New York City following their vacation earlier this week, and in photos of the actress, she doesn’t appear to be sporting a baby bump.

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