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Even at the height of the Fab Five’s fame as the Michigan freshman wunderkinds rocked the college basketball world, Howard was the steady presence.

That’s one thing I’ve always been appreciative of, the relationship we’ve always had, dating back to high school.

To be here to this day, 20-some years later, that’s special.”It’s a challenge with Howard’s schedule to ever get back to Michigan, where he left after his standout junior year along with Rose, entering the NBA draft as juniors.

Howard was the fifth overall pick by the Washington Bullets, where he played with Webber, in 1994.

It doesn't matter how hard he's been working or how many people he's apologized to ...

Ray Rice should NEVER play another down in the NFL ... "I've always had this mindset that if you play a violent sport and you knock your wife out or your girlfriend and put your hands on a woman, you should be stripped of that privilege forever." Glazer says Rice is "probably the only player I've ever been really, really, really hard on" ...

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