Validating calendar dates in textbox asp Mobile 1 on 1 nude chat

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None, out d); } Another option is using a regular expression validator. I found an example (in VB but easy enough to read and translate to C#) here: Startv20/aspnet/doc/validation/However, using some sort of date picker control might be more user friendly.

None, out Result ) ) { return Str Date; } You can use a Custom Validator to check just about anything in text box, but it might be easier to use Compare Validator to check if the text can be converted to a date.

validating calendar dates in textbox asp-19

Validating calendar dates in textbox asp

The error message gets displayed on an invalid date but a system error message immediately follows indicating that there was an error moving the data to a date field.

Any suggestions on why I need to do to get the Gridview not to update the record when the validation fails?

is it to do with the above validation being a string and its trying to compare it with a date?

However, when I try going to it (it is in an Insert Item Template of a Form View), I get the following error message: It's telling you that you can not use a range validator to validate a calendar control. If you are assigning the value from the calendar control to a text box, you can set the Control To Validate property to the textbox and that should work, or if you want to prevent them from selecting dates outside your range, you can use the day render event handler to block those days from being displayed or you can probably do it client side.

I've associated a Range Validator, gave it a type of Date, a minimum value of 1/1/1996 and a maximum value of 12/31/9999.

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