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Nuclear magnetic resonance detects atoms with different gyromagnetic ratios.The radioactive decay can be detected through an ionization chamber or autoradiographs of gels.An example of the use of isotopic labeling is the study of phenol (COD), indicating that phenol readily undergoes hydrogen-exchange reactions with water.

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An isotopic tracer, (also "isotopic marker" or "isotopic label"), is used in chemistry and biochemistry to help understand chemical reactions and interactions.

In this technique, one or more of the atoms of the molecule of interest is substituted for an atom of the same chemical element, but of a different isotope (like a radioactive isotope used in radioactive tracing).

Because the labeled atom has the same number of protons, it will behave in almost exactly the same way as its unlabeled counterpart and, with few exceptions, will not interfere with the reaction under investigation.

Isotopic labeling (or isotopic labelling) is a technique used to track the passage of an isotope (an atom with a detectable variation) through a reaction, metabolic pathway, or cell.

The reactant is 'labeled' by replacing specific atoms by their isotope.

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