Updating my bose system good dating website headline examples

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The green light should turn amber and blink for several seconds, then extinguish.

If the indicator light on the system does not change after you insert the thumb drive, remove the thumb drive and reinsert it 3. Your Bose® Solo TV sound system information is now available on the USB thumb drive 4.

Insert the USB drive into the connector labeled "Service." The update will start automatically and the light will change from solid green to solid amber, briefly blinking every few seconds 8. The light on the Bose® Solo TV sound system will extinguish, and an audible chirp will signify that the update is finished 9.

Once the light is extinguished and a chirp is heard, remove your USB drive from your Bose® Solo TV sound system.

The system will return to normal operation once the USB drive is removed and the system is powered on If the update process fails to work, click the Troubleshooting link for help. While the application is running, it will create and utilize temporary working files.

Each Solo system has its own unique software “fingerprint” that must be accessed during system updates.

When updating more than one system, do not use the software from one system to update another as this could cause permanent damage.

Updating my bose system

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