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[ is right around the corner, with the setting taking a sharp left turn from the Kappa House to the eerie halls of a hospital.(Don't all sorority girls who get sent to a mental ward end up pursuing a career in medicine?

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) Munch — but the real returning evil is Lea Michele, who is very appropriately now a patient at the hospital with that killer twinkle in her eye.

Ch-ch-check out the sophisticated yet suspicious character portraits (above) and catch the return of — swapping out Anthony Hopkins with a deranged looking Lea Michele!

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On Thursday, the exes were spotted at a mutual friend's house in Studio City.

After rumors started swirling at the end of August that the twosome had rekindled their romance, it seems sources are ready to confirm their reconciliation. Video: Lea Is Hannibal Hester In It seems Emma Roberts and Evan Peters just can't quit each other!

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