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Itunes Podcast Link: c Lq3b Facebook: mchenrycruiser In an Attempt to overcome my social anxiety and agoraphobia , I accepted an invitation to watch a cover band perform at a dive bar. Itunes Podcast Link: c Lq3b Facebook: mchenrycruiser Twitter: mchenrycruisers Main Channel: mchenrycruiser Crank calls: mchenrycruisercranks Tags: social anxiety disorder vlog "social anxiety" paranoia awkward moments experiences coping weird panic attack phobia situations quiet shy obsessive thoughts over thinking Stress Health Help Therapy Funny Recovery Psychology Self Emotional Life Crazy Random Best Silly Strange Friend Brain Facing your fears SAD scared insane approach girls women female pickup flirting flirt flirtation pua "pickup artist" mental illness depression PTSD introvert introversion infj This is the only documentary I've seen that focuses on SA so i hope it helps people with it. Tags: "Dating (TV Genre)" Pub Social anxiety disorder "Social Anxiety Disorder (Disease Or Medical Condition)" vlog "Video Log" "Social Phobia" bar bars paranoid paranoia antisocial loner agoraphobia agoraphobic shy shyness "overcoming shyness" "comfort zone" "overcome shyness" "overcome social anxiety" "social anxiety support" "how to overcome social anxiety" "panic attack"Itunes Podcast Link: c Lq3b Facebook: mchenrycruiser Mc Henry Cruiser discusses an awkward moment that transpired after attempting to hit on an 18 year old chick in his EMT class and debuts a new stand up comedy joke.Below are websites that offer help and support for people with Social Anxiety.

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Also information for other sufferers too blog/shyness-is-nice A very helpful website for Social Anxiety sufferers I will add more websites as i find them.

If you know of or host a website/Blog and think people will benefit from it them send me a pm with your website and mention about it being put in the description of this video.

Itunes Podcast Link: c Lq3b Facebook: mchenrycruiser Avoidant personality disorder Personality disorder - avoidant Avoidant personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a lifelong pattern of feeling very shy, inadequate, and sensitive to rejection.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors Personality disorders are lifelong patterns of behavior that cause problems with work and relationships. Symptoms People with avoidant personality disorder can't stop thinking about their own shortcomings.

About 1% of the population has avoidant personality disorder. They form relationships with other people only if they believe they will not be rejected.

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