Shinhwa dating spica

by  |  30-Sep-2015 09:14

Welcome to the third installment in Officially KMusic‘s newest segment “Let Me KPop A Question“.We hope you’ve enjoyed our questions so far, last week we asked “Who should make a comeback but is not?“, this week we might be getting ourselves into a little hot water.

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Sometimes it’s just the rumor of two idols dating that can send some fans into a tail spin. At least once a month, in my opinion, one idol or another is being accused of dating someone.

Normally based on some photo snapped by a tabloid-esque newspaper as said idols are on the street.

Or sometimes it can just be doing their overtime duty of digging for pictures that confirm, in their minds, that these two idols are dating.

Normally nothing comes of these rumors, a news report or two, maybe a statement from one label or the other stating the two are friends or that the photo was snapped at an after hours lunch gathering of staff for someone’s drama.

Sometimes though, even if the friendship is innocent and even if the labels deny a relationship there can still be a backlash.

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