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: The authors connected to the Internet through proxy servers in Saudi Arabia and attempted to access approximately 60,000 Web pages as a means of empirically determining the scope and pervasiveness of Internet filtering there.

Saudi-installed filtering systems prevented access to certain requested Web pages; the authors tracked 2,038 blocked pages.

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If a user's requested URL is found on the Saudi blacklist, the user is directed to a page that explicitly informs him or her that access to the site has been denied.

The ISU administrative web site explains the implementation of the government's content filtering regime, presents the reasoning behind it, and lets Saudi internet users request that a particular site or URL be blocked or unblocked.

Citing to the Qur'an as a basis, the government describes its task with filtering as "preserv[ing] our Islamic values, filtering the Internet content to prevent the materials that contradict with our beliefs or may influence our culture."In addition to detailing Saudi blocking of sexually explicit content, the ISU web site lists as bannable "pages related to drugs, bombs, alcohol, gambling and pages insulting the Islamic religion or the Saudi laws and regulations." Such non-sexually explicit sites are said to be blocked only upon the direction of security bodies within the Saudi government.

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