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In our technology-saturated culture, getting back to nature is portrayed as a way to find the answers, as if the secret to true happiness could be found under a rock up a hill. On Steve Gunn's forthcoming Matador debut, Eyes on the Lines, he embraces the idea of getting lost and tuning into the outdoors, but it's no hokey spiritual quest.

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Ending in a surreal thicket imbued with a depth of confidence that wasn't there at the start, it seems to say that Gunn's faith in the “cosmic plan” depends on it being unknowable.

I had graduated from college about a month before, moved to New York with few practical connections and was desperately looking for work. I received a call back from the head of New York Dating Coach, Art Malov, who laughed and explained that the dating coaching service was definitely not a prostitution ring.

Comfortable talking to members of the opposite sex? So I — cleverly — responded to the ad stating that while I definitely met the criteria I was not interested in sex work, which was not to say that I did not have a lot of respect for people who embraced different lifestyles.

But I was also fairly sure that this sort of come-on was how 22-year-old liberal arts graduates were lured into prostitution rings.

However, I would be expected to go on “mock dates.” The clients — mostly male, although some are female — are adults of all ages and professions looking to become better daters.

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