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Inevitably, they would consolidate this scam by leveraging it into a monopoly over everything (Communism, NWO.) This demented megalomania found in Cabalist/Talmudic Jewish teaching is the real cause for most war and terror.

Only a small segment of Jews and Masons are actively involved."... Mankind's last word on this great tribe is still to come.

it is not for nothing that over there the Jews are reigning everywhere over stock-exchanges; it is not for nothing that they control capital, that they are the masters of credit, and it is not for nothing - I repeat - that they are also the masters of international politics, and what is going to happen in the future is known to the Jews themselves: their reign, their complete reign is approaching ! However, without fathoming the essence and depth of the subject, it is possible to outline, at least, certain symptoms of that status in statu, [state within a state Jews maintain] - be it only externally.

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"Step out of the family of nations, and form your own entity, and thou shalt know that henceforth thou art the only one before God; exterminate the rest, or make slaves of them, or exploit them.

Have faith in the conquest of the whole world; adhere to the belief that everything will submit to thee.

Loathe strictly everything, and do not have intercourse with anyone in thy mode of living.

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