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He was first married to Diana Dill, the Bermudian actress, and together they have two sons, Michael Douglas, American actor and producer, married to Welsh actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Joel Douglas, an American movie producer before their divorce in 1951.

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In April 2013, Cameron Douglas lost an appeal to have his sentence reduced, and will have to remain in prison until early 2018.

Kirk Douglas has two sons, Peter Douglas, American Producer, and the late actor, Eric Douglas, who died from drug overdoes at the age of 46, on July 6, 2004, from his second marriage, Anne Buydens, German American producer.

American producer Peter Douglas, and actor Eric Douglas are the two sons of Kirk Douglas from his second marriage to Anne Buyden, and they are the half brothers of Michael and Joel Douglas.

Latinized short form of any of the female compound names composed of the element hildr (battle).

Now in common use as an independent given name, Hilda was brought to England by Scandinavian invaders before the Norman Conquest.

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