Is robert pattison dating kristine stewart

by  |  09-Aug-2015 16:16

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“He doesn’t want to be that guy,” the source reveals.

“He doesn’t want the image of him being that he is stealing the friend in the wake of the relationship with Kristen.” “Rob did tell people that he reassured her that he wasn’t going to date her friends and make things more awkward between them, because the breakup is and has been awkward enough,” the source says. Kristen must have been SO relieved to hear this from Rob.

We know Rob still cares about Kristen deeply and we’re glad he is being a stand-up guy to her as they work through this difficult time.

Rob is right — breakups are hard enough — why make them more complicated and painful?

“Rob initially reached out to Kristen because he wanted to stop by and pick up the rest of his stuff, but apparently he also wanted to see her,” a friend of Kristen’s tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

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