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After just one try, Quick Type remembered my password for my Apple ID, which I had sent via text.

Obviously this isn't a concern if you don't share passwords in messages, notes, or emails, but if you'd rather not have Quick Type remembering your private information, just turn it off by going to Settings - With Private Browsing Mode in Safari, you can search the internet without leaving behind a history or having your cookies saved.

i OS 8 added Duck Duck Go support, a search engine known for its no-tracking policies, which you can use directly from Safari instead of Google if you prefer not to have your search history tracked for Ad purposes.

Are you bummed that don’t have anyone to sext with, or that the sexting has dried up in your relationship? Thanks to a new game, you can sext just as easily as picking up your i Phone and sending a text to a bot. ” Depending on what you reply, the game will play out differently.

plays like a combination of a choose-your-own-adventure novel and the A. The game means to be more than just a titillating sex ride, says Stone.“I want people to think about how the other person on the end of the line has agency,” Stone told Polygon.

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