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This helped because I was able to get girls over with no hassle.I was very active on Tinder & Po F (Plenty of Fish), and met a lot of girls through that (I am 33 years old BTW, and speak decent Spanish).Closing the deal on the first date was almost impossible as girls are a bit more conservative there, but after a couple dates, the potential is there.

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There were only 3 to choose from and only one was a 9, Yvonne, very beautiful, had braces, really good service.

I wanted to repeat but just had many other options to look at as well. A friend who lives there, he and I went to a bunch more esteticas, which have been mentioned here, but I didn't really find much quality.

The only other time that I got someone was at Paloma (on Ninos Heros), and wasn't really good.

With only 5 days in GDL and at 64, I did the best I could. Thanks again to JDrama and was able to meet with World Traveler for coffee. There are a few women there that I'd like to spend some time with. I have read some reviews on sexxxyprovincia and they all seem great. I had been there about 5 times prior to this, for about a week at a time, so wanted to make a longer trip this time.

Also, what day / time is best to go for the best selection? Does anyone know how to get in contact with the Mediterraneo and see which women are working and when? I recently got back from a 2 and a half month stay in Guadalajara.

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