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Nordstrom is known for being quite expensive, but they’re known for their great service. Sugar Daddies will happily provide you more for his perceived value of you.

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As a result of this burning cycle of low worth, there is a sense of overwhelm and lack, rather than a sense of growth and confidence.

Want a clear path toward higher worth and getting what you want?

My recommendation is to spend some time thinking about how you might be able to better establish your worth from the onset and manage Sugar Daddies Experiences.

“I can’t afford you.” “Our company just ‘reorganized’… They ask you about what you want, and that’s when things hit rock bottom…. But for that one who can afford you and still doesn’t want to give you what you want when he can.

“My account has been hacked and bank is looking into it.” If you’re a Sugar Baby, you’ve heard this or a version of it in response to asking for what you hope to receive out of the relationship. You are engaging with a Sugar Daddy and equate that to the possibility of having additional money and a better lifestyle! Yes, and some men are actually hiding behind the role of a Sugar Daddy to get what they want from you and aren’t really Sugar Daddies.

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