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For what the Greek and the Dutch recognize with this name, see music video.

For the 2007 Thai film, see Video Clip (2007 film). there were tens of millions of video clips available online, with new websites springing up focusing entirely on offering free video clips to users and many established and corporate sites adding video clip content to their websites.

With the spread of broadband Internet access, video clips have become very popular online.

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While some video clips are taken from established media sources, community or individual-produced clips are becoming more common.

Some individuals host their created works on vlogs, which are video blogs. Between March and July 2006, You Tube grew from 30 to 100 million views of videos per day.

More recent developments includes the BBC's i Player, which was released for open beta testing in July 2007.

The widespread popularity of video clips, with the aid of new distribution channels, has evolved into 'clip culture'.

It is compared to 'lean-back' experience of seeing traditional movies, refers to the Internet activity of sharing and viewing a short video, mostly less than 15 minutes.

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