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By Tradition, Eastern European Women make it a top priority to find their life partner at an early stage of adult life. I consider myself friendly, sincere, open-minded, caring and supportive, understanding and faithful, emotionally stable.

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they cannot find a life partner who shares important values such as family and faithfulness and who’s willing to fully invest himself in a relationship. I try to show good example to my wonderful daughter.

This is the main reason why so many Eastern European Women are seeking a husband abroad.

They love their part of the world, its rich heritage and culture but creating a family remains the top priority. You are reading about me, it means something has attracted you in my profile.

I believe that appearance is not everything we need, and I hope you would like to know my inner world as well. If somebody ask me to describe myself by one words, then I would say open.

Member Name : Magdalene Status: Married Height: 184 cm.

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