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But Lada goes on to say that the dating sim manages to pull off its weight loss themes without being insulting, so who knows, maybe it’s not as offensive as you would expect from a game about a girl losing weight to attract the attention of popular guys in your high school.

Anyway, a fan translation group has completed and released a patch (Korean version of the game required; not sure where you can import this from) that will allow you to play the game in English, and see for yourself whether it’s a disgusting or tastefully handled game.

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Dating Day features an engaging storyline all about that crucial first date.

Players try to woo the boy of their dreams, by mastering a host of original minigames.

Players can individually design their avatar, deck it out with fashionable accessories and style it in every way possible.

Cute animations and teen-pop sound are sure to capture the hearts of young girls.

Last week we hosted our community of partners at the DS Campus in Vélizy.

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