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I ordered one and received an 808 #25, a low quality MJPEG camera. I submitted a "not as described" dispute at e Bay and got a full refund from the seller. The overrun might cause an increased missing frame rate or other problem.Video in 480p is mostly MJPEG, never H.264 and the #7 used Xvi D. A class 4 or faster card is recommended, but faster than class 4 usually does not improve things, and some class 10 cards have been known to cause some problems.150227 480p Aspect Ratio Concern - Most 808 480p cameras have a 640x480 image sensor (aspect ratio 1.33) but the record AVI video file is scaled to 720x480 (1.5). Use Crystal Disk Mark to measure the 512K random write speed and if it is less than 1.0MBps, don't use it.

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When trying to identify your camera version, only use a video that you made with your 808.

Compare a video frame from your camera to frames in this table, or try this table.

How the camera hunts for exposure and white balance can also vary.

The 808 is a small color video camera with audio that also takes photos. Don't use any documentation that came with your camera, the sellers description or a sample video from the seller. The quality can be what you would expect from a medium quality cell phone but not what you would expect from a Canon or Nikon digital camera.

I received and reviewed my first 808 car keys micro camera (version #1) in September 2009. Quality is reduced in the design of some 808 versions to reduce cost in the following ways. Underpowered processor with a simple video compression (MJPEG) that can cause a large data stream and data overrun the SD card.

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