Daughter dating deadbeat

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“The Lee County (Ala.) Sheriff’s Department came up with an elaborate way to catch more than a dozen deadbeat parents: tell them to show up at a location in Opelika and claim tickets to this year’s Auburn-Alabama game. He is such a coward that he left while we were at the doctors.Operation “Iron Snare” didn’t round up all the suspects deputies were looking for, [...] This is Jeromy. He has another son that lives with him and is only a few months apart in age.Jeromy’s mother likes to meddle in [...] Hello my name is Devine Carama…

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This is the first visual from my brand new album, No Child Left Behind.

It’s a track called “A Deadbeat’s Karma” (produced by S&G Beatz) which tells a story of a deadbeat dad and the result of not [...] This is Credrick Williams, he goes by Cedrick Williams because he once told me, “he was ashamed of his birth name.” As far as I know he has 5 children (including mine).

I don’t know if he does for the other four children, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my daughter as his.

I even gave [...] My kids’ dad is a pathological liar, a perpetual victim and a professional mooch.

He hasn’t worked in 3 years, hasn’t paid child support in 3 years for 4 children.

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