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[Update: Although details around the problem with i OS 9.3 links causing hangs and crashes remain sparse, it appears to be related to the third-party apps a user installed on the system.

We have been able to take an unaffected i Phone 6 and i Pad Pro, install the app, and then observe Safari consistently hanging when long pressing a link.

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We are not sure what exactly causes the issue and thus do not know what class of apps cause the problem to arise.

It is likely not limited to just one app, but we are yet to find others.

Apple is yet to comment officially on the issue.] Readers are reporting a strange bug with i OS 9.3 (and older versions apparently, exact characteristics of affected devices is unclear), primarily affecting the latest Apple devices, i Phone 6s and i Phone 6s Plus.

The issue has also been reported on older phones and some i Pad models as well.

The cause is unknown, but many users are finding themselves unable to open links in Safari, Messages, Mail, Notes and other apps.

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