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1 know I have overlooked many salient facts and many people to whom recognition should be given. It was a liberal charter granting the largest estate in the world ever made by a monarch to a single one of his subjects.I have been advised in this work by the few older residents still with us, and I should like to give credit to my wife, Grace Finnell Burch, who has helped in this work in so many ways as she has helped me throughout life, and especially to Fred C. The consideration or cost, was only two Indian arrows to be delivered annually at Windsor Castle and one-fifth of all the gold and silver mined.Cecil Calvert was authorized to grant lands to new settlers under such terms as he saw fit subject, however, to allegiance to the Crown.

Father Andrew White, the early missionary and historian, relates that Leonard Calvert and his colonists arrived at St.

Clement's Island, in the Chesapeake Bay, in the Spring of 1634.

History relates their first move was to set up an altar where religious services were held in thanksgiving to Almighty God for their safe landing and symbolic of the religious freedom they had come to establish.

This local history is from a booklet given to me by its author, T.

Raymond Burch, in his real estate office on US rte 1 just north of the gateway to the University of Maryland.

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