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by  |  02-May-2015 20:56

Yesterday, I wrote about how anti-science pro-“intelligent design” kook extraordinaire Dave Springer (a.k.a.Dave Scot) has taken to promoting dichloroacetate as a treatment for cancer and one website in particular, The DCA Site that claims to exist to “help inform people of the exciting research done on DCA [dichloroacetate] by scientists at the University of Alberta.

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Worse, it appeared to be encouraging desperate people dying of cancer to experiment on themselves with the drug. Besides the examples of two patients trying DCA with no medical supervision, I found a truly disturbing exchange between Heather Nordstrom, one of the people who put the site together, and a person challenging her over the ethics of selling DCA under false pretenses to desperate patients.

Curious, last night while I was sitting on my couch watching Dirty Jobs, I decided to emulate the host Mike Rowe and poke around The DCA Site some more. First, a challenger, a guy who goes by the ‘nym Sprite8, asks some good questions: My questions to you are these: 1) Distribution of the DCA is one thing.

Will there be instructions on use (for the “pets/animals” who are in need of it) also distributed?

2) How are you able to secure DCA when so many others are not?

Is it possible for anyone to get DCA through a veterinarian or other form of distribution? The main reason for my second question is– how are these people who are clinging onto the hope of DCA be assured that it is legitimate and not another scam trying to secure money from desperate people? But let’s face it, we’re talking to computer screens here..

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