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by  |  20-Mar-2015 20:51

Create a new email account and password that your spouse does not know about, from a computer that your spouse does not have access to.

If your spouse had access to your phone at any time slightly prior to the divorce action, he or she could very easily have installed a GPS tracking device on your phone in a matter of minutes. It is also possible for someone else to listen to your conversations using some of the spyware that’s now available.

The best solution is to get a new cell phone in your own name and control what’s put on the phone.

Make sure your spouse does not have access to this phone.

If you’re concerned about your car, you can take it to your local police station and have the them check it to see whether any GPS tracking devices have been installed.

You could also use a mechanic or private investigator who is well versed in these issues.

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