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No, you don't need to end your relationship because one of you doesn't eat meat. Especially, if you eat meat and he/she is a vegetarian!

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You dream of telling your future children how you met their mother. Then, one day you take her out for a romantic dinner to the best restaurant in town. I have never had a vegetarian date (okay, until last week). What are you going to do when you sit down to eat food? Ask your date if they have converted to vegetarianism or have been so since childhood.

As you recommend her the Chef's Special - Chicken Cafreal, she tells you she is a vegetarian. Some people have religious reasons, some have been brought up in vegetarian families, some want to eat healthy and some are against animal cruelty.

It is good to try to understand the reason behind their food choices.

It shows that you are interested in knowing more about your date, plus, it genuinely gives you an insight on your potential love interest. Don't forget, you eat fruits, vegetables and grains too, although with meat.

The worst thing to do is argue with a vegetarian on why meat rules. It's not a big deal to eat only vegetarian food and it isn't bad at all. Some vegetarians just cannot stand the smell of cooked meat around them and may become nauseous.

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