Dadd dads against daughters dating shoot the first one cross dating for dendrochronology

by  |  27-Oct-2015 08:00

The message: "Dads Against Daughters Dating: Shoot the first one and word will spread" is not funny or okay in any way, shape, or form.

Girls are strong as hell, and even stronger because they do this in the face of people expecting them not to be.

I just realized I don't even know that many people know my name, where I'm from and many other things beyond my posts.

So, I'm 37 year old Mike Reynolds from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I have an amazing partner, two kids, I make a shitload of mistakes as a parent and I love my kids even when I'm swearing out loud.

I asked my daughter if she'd take a picture of me so I could ask everyone if they liked my pants or if I should return them.

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