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You can buy it at your local grocery store and I am DEFINITELY trying it!About the Rose Petals, I think it’s SUPER dreamy to have them EVERYWHERE and when I called the flower shop inside Albertson’s, I found out that you can order an entire bag of rose petals for .99 (petals off of a dozen roses). I ordered two bags and when I see how large they are, I will decide if I really need both.

Whenever I think about a SUPER romantic dinner, I think of Lady and The Tramp! We also have a bunch of yummy dinner recipes in this post if pasta isn’t your thing.

{LOL} I know, I know, call me CRAZY but I think their spaghetti & meatball dinner is just about the sweetest thing ever!! Not lots to say here because I am NOT a cook, just make sure you make the SETTING romantic!! Having done this with my husband – I can tell ya, it’s a winner!

**Note: , so I will let all of YOU come up with the main dish. Dim the lights, tall candles – with other candles around as well, petals sprinkled on the table, have soft music playing in the background, stare into each other’s eyes as you eat…. It’s basically a treasure hunt but in order to get each clue, there is a TASK your husband will have to complete, such as: One of our talented designer BFFs, Tasha with Whimsicle Designs, made ALL the clues & the tasks {AND the menu AND the cute candy gram examples}, and YES, you can download those as well! } The first clue is given to your sweetie – no strings attached… and on the OUTSIDE of the envelopes are tasks that have to be completed before reading the clue inside. {LOL} Yep, we got it as a JOKE from one of Jamie’s friends for a Christmas present and we LOVED it!

We are BIG fans of starting off your creative dates with a “bang!

” There are a TON of cute Candy Gram Bouquets out there now, but I like mine to read kinda like a letter…thus I stuck with good ole poster board.

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