Consultant dating

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I explain to you what energies are involved, and how to communicate what you need. Together we will find better ways to communicate with your boss and colleages, to pitch your ideas, and to get through interviews. Whether you're considering a new study topic or a new job, it's a big step that's going to shape your life for years.By looking more deeply at who you are and what would really bring you satisfaction, I work with you to find the next step in your personal development.Your physical health and your emotional health are built on your energy body.

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Consultant dating

Some paths in life will bring you more happiness and ease than others.

I use Kirael do Ani's Life Path Archetypes to describe what your ideal life path is.

This tells you what traps to watch for, what skills to practise, and what will make you happiest.

Have you been feeling strongly emotional the past few weeks, or even months?

Do you increasingly feel panicked or overwhelmed, and do you find yourself thinking you can't do this anymore?

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