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(PDF) This week political leaders around the world have been struggling with pressures of various kinds.David Cameron, who resigned as Britain’s prime minister following the Brexit vote not even three months ago, felt constrained to go even further and step down from parliament.Syrian president Bashar Assad bowed to American and Russian pressure and accepted yet another cease-fire with rebel forces.

Eduardo Cunha, who orchestrated the impeachment of former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, was himself expelled from the legislative chamber that he once led as speaker.

Isaiah tells us that God does not get pushed around by anyone—neither by other leaders forcing their will on him, nor by his “constituents” refusing to support him, nor by critics who don’t agree with his reign.

Unlike so many human leaders, God uses his power to bless his people in ways no human head of state can ever do, giving them spiritual strength. What do the events of this week suggest to you about our tendency to place faith in human leaders? What does today’s Scripture text tell us about the difference between God’s power and that of human leaders? How does God’s power over the universe encourage you when things seem to be going against you? Share with the group about a time when God empowered you to accomplish something you could not have otherwise. How does today’s text help to restore or strengthen your faith? (PDF) In the midst of the fierce competition of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, one incident of sportsmanship stands out.

In a qualifying heat of the women’s 5,000-meter race, New Zealander Nikki Hamblin stumbled and fell, causing American Abbey D’Agostino to trip over her.

D’Agostino quickly got up, but rather than continuing the race she helped Hamblin to her feet.

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