Bios updating error code 18 dating 40 year old

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I downloaded the flash bios from the fujitsu website and was trying to install it.btw: I found the corresponding bios flash entering the model of my laptop. Now I get a errror message while trying to run flash bios.must also use other information to meet the enhanced security that prevents unauthorized BIOS updates.

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Because of enhanced security, IFlash cannot be used to update the BIOS on a system that has Intel AMT provisioned.

BIOS recovery BIOS Recovery can be used when other BIOS update methods have failed.

BIOS Recovery unprovisions Intel AMT and can reset BIOS and Intel ME values back to their default settings.

For general information on the BIOS recovery process, see Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update.

Clearing the CMOS In the event that the BIOS update process fails, you should clear the CMOS to restore the system to a functioning state.

Bios updating error code

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