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If you are suffering from a poor Internet connection, you can alternatively download the upgrade in the form of two floppy disk images by clicking on the two hyperlinks below.

You must download both images before attempting the update.

Before you can proceed to upgrade to the latest version of Anno Domini, you must have a previous version of Anno Domini 2005 already installed.

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The installer creates two shortcuts (Anno Domini 2005 and Anno Domini Installer) on your desktop and in the Programs section of Start menu.

Also, an icon will reside in your Tray area of the Windows Taskbar indicating that AD 2005 is currently running.

Simply double-click that icon at any time to access the programs features.

Should you exit the program and wish to run the program again in the same session, double-click the Anno Domini 2005 icon that was created on your desktop.

If for any reason you do not reach step 12 of the installation process, please note down at what point the installation process stops and note any warning message that is displayed.

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