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In addition, General Mills is inviting people to join the Challenge. It’s a great motivation to lose weight and a worthwhile cause to feed the hungry.

Like the previous seven seasons of “The Biggest Loser,” Tuesday’s finale ended with dramatic weight losses and one fit winner.

But season 8 also had a few surprises, including a live marriage proposal and a new big-money challenge for one contestant.

Going from 430 pounds to a svelte 191, Danny dropped a jaw-dropping 239 pounds, 55.58 percent of his original body weight, to finish on top. Despite their fierce competition, the two finalists “are best friends,” Danny told Meredith Vieira on TODAY Wednesday. Amanda lost 87 pounds — 34.8 percent of her body weight — to tip the scales at 163 pounds.

“When I saw how well [Rudy] had done, it scared me to death,” Danny confessed. A season of love Before the final weigh-in, Antoine Dove, looking nothing like the 367-pound man who started the show after losing 41.42 percent of his body weight, got down on one knee and asked fellow contestant Alexandra White for her hand in marriage.

“I love you with all my heart,” Antoine said through tears.

The Biggest Loser Season 8 finale aired last night and host Allison Sweeney brought back all of the contestants from this season to show how far they had come.

To be honest with you, I don’t really watch this show, but I think it’s a great way to motivate people to lose weight.

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