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So, I made a list of some key attributes I would like in a future boyfriend/husband; I suggest you do the same.I’m the funniest person I know, or at least I tell myself that sometimes.But he’ll need to be ready because sarcasm is my language, and laughing is one of my very favorite things in life.

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In my marriage, I expect to consult with my husband about how decisions will be made and what we will do as a family, but then I will stand behind my husband as I know he will lead our family in the right direction.

Also being a leader who embraces manhood, having a desire to be chivalrous— and not just to me but to other women.

Chivalry is most certainly not dead, and I’m a huge fan.

When I look to my future 50 years from now, I see myself sitting next to my husband in Church at Mass every Sunday.

There are surely some great guys (even husband material) all around us, especially those who are in a faithful Catholic environment.

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