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Avarae Global Coins plc ("Avarae" or the "Company") provides access for institutional investors and individuals wanting to diversify their investment portfolios away from the traditional asset classes such as equities, property and bonds without the need to be an expert in the coin-collecting sector.

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The value of each investment ranges from a few hundred pounds up to several hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The Board's decision on whether to acquire or dispose of a coin or coin collection is made on the recommendation of its industry expert independent Advisory Panel ("Panel") that assesses and approves all coin trading related activities.

The Panel members are Sir John Wheeler and Clement Chambers, both of whom have significant expertise in the field of numismatics.

A principal objective of the Company is to achieve long-term capital growth through the appreciation in value of the coins acquired.

Compound annual returns achieved over the medium to long-term for the highest quality and rarest coins can reach as high as 10 per cent.

2016 liquidating dividend aspx id

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